My header: stamps that rock, and what graphic designers did to fashion designers

UPDATE: This post refers to the stamps used as the header and logo of this blog at its inception in 2015. They have since changed, so if you can’t see them, it’s not you.

The header of this blog comprises two images that I felt were thematically and philosophically apt.

The colourful stamps in the background come from Australia’s 2006 ‘Rock Posters’ release, showcasing the talents of Australian designers as demonstrated in posters for various festivals, tours and gigs. I loved this issue. It was a kick in the bum compared to our usual diet of cute furry animals and dreary royals. Nice to see Australia Post acknowledge the possible existence of Australians who might not be as obsessed with sport and wildflowers as it seems to think most of its market is.

Australia, 2006, Australian Rock Posters

(Nerd note: if you’re wondering where I got these stamps in a se-tenant sheet format as seen in my background, I made it myself. It doesn’t exist.)

The image I’m using as my avatar is that of a stamp released by the UK in 2012 as part of a Great British Fashion issue. This particular stamp features a harlequin dress designed by Vivienne Westwood in 1993 – not exactly punk in itself, but the Dame was instrumental in popularising punk fashion back when it was a thing, working with Malcolm McLaren to outfit the Sex Pistols and all that. Her ethos of using shock to stick a spoke in the system might be something to which this blog can aspire. Here’s the full set:

UK 2012 Great British Fashion

What a coincidence! I’m wearing that little black Alexander McQueen number at my desk as I type.

Every year, Australia Post announces a new set of apparent ‘Legends’ to be featured on a stamp issue. I’ll have more to say on that in due course, but in 2005, six fashion designers were featured. Let’s compare the issue above with AP’s issue.

Australia 2006 Australian Legends - Fashion

In case you’re wondering, that is not a greyscale scan. That’s how they looked.

It’s fair to note that the Australian issue honours the individuals, while the UK issue is about the clothes. But if you were honouring fashion designers, wouldn’t you want to include more, you know, fashion?

Which issue ultimately does the greater service to its nation’s fashion industry and, by association, its greatest designers?

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  1. Hi; Read your article in IFSDA, wonderfull, Keep up the good work. Why not put in your blog the two stories from the “Dedicated Bidders” from the IFSDA? Wish I could write like you.I.Bayer, a young 91.


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