Are you self-excluding? Mail Art wants YOU!

Mail Art is the perfect project for the self-excluded, performing art to an audience of one

The Shape of… Who?

A world stamp collection is heading to auction with a very surprising name on the front cover

Australia Day: an awkward first date

In 1994, January 26 officially became a day of national observance down under: Australia Day. We maybe should've thought that one through.

Game of Thrones on stamps: printer is gumming

The Royal Mail jumps on the Game of Thrones band-dragon with these sumptuous stamps... but are sinister motives at play?

Introducing tiresias1000: mint, unhinged

Betcha didn't expect that the most insane corner of Instagram would belong to a lunatic stamp collector...

Bowie’s latest release

In the most exciting news since megastar astronaut Major Tom was sensationally outed as a junkie, the UK is releasing a set of David Bowie stamps!

Queen: 1. Punk: 0.

This stamp is such a great example of design serving design. Every time I see it, I gaze in wonder once at the artistry of the brooch itself, as stunning now as the day it was made

Stamp of the Day: Sorrow

Farewell David Bowie, an icon for anyone who likes to see post offices in the background of iconic albums

An apology to rich people

Recently I wrote that rich people would pay outlandish prices for things that rats have peed on. I was wrong.

Watch a rich person pay $85,000 for something a rat peed on

The story of a king's head and a rat who couldn't wait

Princess stamps? AMAZEBALLS!

A baby was born on the other side of the world over three months ago and soon we will have stamps about it! This is the happiest day of my life!

The Queen isn’t dead. Long live the Queen!

Australia has a weird obsession with issuing stamps to celebrate the Queen's birthday. Spare a thought for the graphic designers...

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