Watch a rich person pay $85,000 for something a rat peed on

High-end philatelic auctions are a spectator sport. It’s old-school collecting at its jaw-dropping best, as well-heeled businesspeople and rich retirees flop out their chequebooks and aim them at each other, while thousands of children die of preventable diseases in the third world.

Culturally Revolutionary Stamp of the Day

Last week I posted a thank you stamp featuring an art by Degas of a ballet dancer. It reminded me of this 1973 Chinese issue that I saw recently in a club book. (That's philatelist talk. Best not to ask.)   It depicts a ballet called The White-Haired Girl, one of the Eight Model Plays engineered... Continue Reading →

You Can Own A Little Piece Of The Creepy Multimillionaire Who Steve Carell Got An Academy Award Nomination For Playing

Lately, Steve Carell has been creeping out moviegoers with his portrayal of John E. Du Pont in the film Foxcatcher. Academy voters even gave him a Best Actor nomination, hoping it would make him go away and stop haunting their nightmares. John E. Du Pont was an heir to the fortune of the American chemical... Continue Reading →

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