New Zealand wins the Battle of Rock

We’ve seen rock legends on stamps.

USA 1993 Legends of American Music Elvis Presly 29c stamp

We’ve seen classic rock album covers.

UK 2010 Classic Album Covers The Clash London Calling 1st stamp

You might have spotted some Classic Rock Posters at this very website.

Australia, 2006, Australian Rock Posters

Ireland’s Great Irish Songs issue from earlier this year had its share of rockers.

Canada wants you to know that it rocks.

Sweden doesn’t rock. It Roxette.

And then… there’s New Zealand.

Here’s New Zealand bringing us its Rock Legends.


Take a closer look.

The Kiwis have trolled us all with an issue devoted to iconic rock formations, presented in the form of a rock poster sheetlet.

The subject rockers – sorry, rocks – are breathtaking, and could have formed a perfectly straight nature-themed issue. In fact, divorced from the sheetlet, the stamps DO look quite straight and dignified. The only clue to the fun that’s been had along the way is the metalesque insignia in the corner.

For those in the front row, the sheetlet produces a few more sniggers:

None of this detracts from the beautiful photos featured on the stamps. My favourite is probably Elephant Rock. Sad to read while researching this piece that Elephant Rock’s trunk has joint the pantheon of Rock Legend appendages in the sky. Or, more to the point, in the ocean.

New Zealand 2019 Rock Legends Elephant Rock $1.30 stamp

It seems somewhat unfair that, by wasting its Rock Legends issue on a dumb pun, New Zealand has once again chosen to deny Dave Dobbyn the glory he deserves. But apart from that, well played, New Zealand Post.

Rock on, bro.

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7 thoughts on “New Zealand wins the Battle of Rock

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  1. Ah………….surely an opportunity to put John Rowles on a New Zealand stamp. Back in 1967 or 1968, John Rowles had some British hits. “If I Only Had Time” and “Hush Not A Word To Mary”. He was a kinda smaller version of Engelbert Humperdinck. And then after he had the hits…….he stopped having hits. I just looked him up on Wikipedia and he is happily still alive and well and has various honours to his name.
    Meanwhile last week two Irish stamps were issued to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Rock Legends ….Thin Lizzy. This is the second time Phil Lynnott has been on an Irish stamp.


    1. I remember hearing those songs on the easy listening radio station of my parents’ choice when I was a kid, but over the years when I’ve heard them, I always assumed they were Englebert or maybe Tom Jones. I had no idea they came from just next door! The things you learn from philately (and blog readers)…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I couldn’t work out where the traditionalist collector would sit. On one hand, the minisheet is frivolous and stupid, but on the other hand, the stamps are classy and beautiful. They’re either going to appeal to everyone, or risk pleasing no one!


  2. This is a pretty brilliant concept, but I’m still waiting for New Zealand Post to issue a Split Enz stamp….

    On a related note, I’d love to see Australia issue a stamp honoring a Melbourne band from the ’80s called The Shower Scene from Psycho, but I know that will NEVER happen!


    1. I can’t begin to tell you how welcome your sensibilities are at this blog! A Split Enz issue would surely be well deserved. Shower Scene from Psycho is admittedly a longer shot, but a 2006 Rock Posters issue included some surprising names, so you never know, they might show up yet. (I used to use it as a header image here – you can see it in this post:

      Then again, we get random gold medallists on stamps, so I don’t see why we can’t have little bands. So welcome, Arden, and thank you for putting ‘Georgie Girl’ in my head!


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