Watch a rich person pay $85,000 for something a rat peed on

High-end philatelic auctions are a spectator sport. It’s old-school collecting at its jaw-dropping best, as well-heeled businesspeople and rich retirees flop out their chequebooks and aim them at each other, while thousands of children die of preventable diseases in the third world.

The Queen isn’t dead. Long live the Queen!

Australia Post's graphic design department must draw straws to see who gets to design each year's Queen's birthday issue. "Crap, I've drawn the short straw. What's the brief?" "Same as the last 35 years: the Queen, some flowers and shit, pinks and blues, and try to not make her look like she hired MI6 to knock off Princess Diana."

80s Stamp of the Day

You'd think I'd be watching the Oscars glamour today, wouldn't you? But no. I came across this blast from the past on the weekend, and I CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OFF THE HAIR! Nor the shoulder pads. Nor the open-necked shirt with the collars under the lemon pullover. Nor the tres eighties grey curtains in... Continue Reading →

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