Stamps Aren’t Cool Episode 3: When Lizzie met Eddie

My wife Celeste and I launched our podcast, Stamps Aren’t Cool, back in March, promising fortnightly episodes, even though we had a lovely big holiday in France booked for April.

What fools we were.

We planned ahead, recording a couple of episodes that we could edit and publish while we were on the road.

It worked, a bit. Editing Episode 3 was a useful way to while away the time on those long flights, and on the cool superfast trains that carried us around France.

But it turns out that there’s only one thing more interesting than sitting in edit for hours watching ourselves talk about stamps over and over, and that’s France. On top of that, Episode 3 ended up being a pretty big production, so we resolved to enjoy our holiday and deal with our angry fans upon our return home.

I’d like to thank our angry fans for not noticing that we were even gone. That sure helped me relax on the road. Now that I’ve headed back into the day job, I’m already starting to see that maybe a fortnightly podcast might have been a touch optimistic, and it seems that our listeners and viewers aren’t particularly fussed. Let’s call it monthly from now on, shall we?

The good news is that Stamps Aren’t Cool is now back, by complete lack of popular demand! Episode 3 is below, awaiting your eyeballs. This episode looks at the controversy surrounding some of the last stamp issues of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. We take a peek at the first stamps of King Charles III. And you have a front-row seat as a recurring household argument rears its head!

Watch the video now. Or, if you’ve already heard it and you’ve come to see the pictures, scroll down.


Here are the visuals for those who listened to the podcast. If you intend to watch the YouTube clip, look away now.
We start off talking about Machin heads. If these were the stamps you’re picturing, then you win, I guess.

As Celeste leafs through the album, we take a journey mostly comprising late 20th-century British commemoratives, or ‘special stamps’, as they call them. It starts with castles, which as everyone knows is pronounced ‘CASSels’, not ‘CAH-sels’. Trigger warning: Prince Andrew.

  • 1a UK 1955 Castles stamp set
  • 1b UK 1977 British Wildlife stamp strip
  • 1c UK 1989 Christmas 800th Anniversary of Ely Cathedral stamps
  • 1d UK 1992 Christmas Stained Glass Windows stamps
  • 1e UK 1979 International Year of the Child 11p Winnie-the-Pooh stamp Winnie
  • 1f UK 1979 Death Centenary of Sir Rowland Hill 10p stamp
  • 1g UK 150th Anniversary of Liverpool and Manchester Railway stamps
  • 1h UK 1980 Sport Centenaries 17.5p Cricket stamp
  • 1i UK 1980 80th Birthday of the Queen Mother 12p stamp
  • 1j UK The Twelve Days of Christmas stamps
  • 1k UK 1981 Royal Wedding stamp set
  • 1l UK 1982 Death Centenary of Charles Darwin stamps
  • 1m UK 1985 Insects 22p ladybird stamp
  • 1n UK 1985 Famous Trains set
  • 1o UK 1985 British Film Year stamp set
  • 1p UK 1987 300th Anniversary of The Principia Mathematica by Sir Isaac Newton stamp set
  • 1q UK 1986 Royal Wedding stamp set

You spotted the Queen’s silhouette head on most of those stamps, right?

2 UK Queen Elizabeth II silhouette on stamps

Then we come to the Iron Maiden set, which is any of wonderful, appalling, or confusing, depending on your age. I hope you take your time to appreciate all EIGHT concert stamps which were of course 100% postally necessary and not at all an attempt to milk collectors.

  • 3a UK 2023 Iron Maiden £5.90 stamp sheetlet
  • 3b UK 2023 Iron Maiden £1.85 Eddie stamp
  • 3c UK 2023 Iron Maiden 1ST The Trooper Eddie stamp
  • 3d UK 2023 Iron Maiden 1ST Aces High Eddie stamp
  • 3e UK 2023 Iron Maiden £1.85 Senjutsu Eddie stamp
  • 3f UK 2023 Iron Maiden live stamps

Next up: more pop culture with the X-Men set.

  • 4a UK 2023 X-Men stamps pack
  • 4b UK 2023 X-Men £6.25 stamp sheet

For a closer look at a few, I built this vid for the YouTube clip. Engaging content, or the output of a supernerd who’s really having fun playing with presentation software? You be the judge!

We then look at the first definitive stamps of Charles III’s reign. I mention that they are based on the coins, so I’ll throw them in here too. And as you can see, Charlie faces left, just like his forebears.

And here’s why: the King looks better looking into the letter; turn him the other way and he loses interest.

[Whispers] Nancy Reagan: Forever.

8 USA 2022 Nancy Reagan Forever stamp

Here’s the stuff in the album that Celeste gets excited about at the end.

  • 9a UK 2013 Doctor Who stamp set and sheetlet
  • 9b UK 2015 Star Wars stamp set
  • 9c UK Machin definitives in album

There’s a PS in the YouTube video that you’re allowed to see too: it’s the debut of the silhouette of Charles III, which appeared on the Flowers issue of March 23. They’re an attractive set. I only showed one in the video, but just for scrolling all the way down here, you can see all of them.

10 UK 2023 Flowers stamp set

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