Thank You Stamp of the Day

Just a quick word to say thank you to WordPress for featuring one of my blog posts (this one) on their Freshly Pressed page a few weeks back, and thanks to everyone who has stopped by and followed my site since! I’ll be endeavoring to follow back everyone who’s not a spammer.

Thanks especially to those who have commented. I was afraid that only boring people would be interested in my efforts, but I’ve been lurking on many of your blogs and it seems that, as I suspected, there are other closet, latent and vicarious philatelists who are not boring at all.

I’ve been a bit snowed under at work lately, but I’ll keep the posts coming. Feel free to ask questions. This Punk don’t bite. You might inspire a post!

In the meantime, here is a Stamp of the Day, France’s 1970 release honoring Edgar Degas’s La Danseuse Au Bouquet (The Dancer with Bouquet). It’s a little bit how I felt last week, though I was wearing less girly clothes and my lighting was far more professional. x

© Philatelic product images remain the copyright of issuing postal administrations and successor authorities

2 thoughts on “Thank You Stamp of the Day

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  1. Um…. Define a boring philatelist? (I know there’s a stereotype that stamp collectors/philatelists are über-geeky and boring, but IMHO it’s utter BS. We’re all unique individuals like; rest is just collision of personal interests and chemistry.)



    1. I agree with you Keijo, but I’ve sat through enough enthusiastic presentations of the different stages of constant plate flaws and retouches in early British Commonwealth colony stamps to despair that I was the only one who wasn’t a massive anorak… or even worse, that I was one and didn’t know it! I suspect it’s the latter actually.


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