Stamp of the day: sunnie side up!

Sometimes you can see a stamp dozens of times without fully appreciating its majesty. And then, for some reason, you happen to notice it in a certain light, or at a certain magnification, or across a cosy bar eight vodka and tonics into a Friday night

Cold War propaganda stamp of the day

What makes this Cold War childhood favourite so dynamic? The answer lies in one simple design feature

A small serving of win

It's an adorable issue from Japan, but why would the food on this table leave your teeth ground to bits?

Stamp of the Day: Sorrow

Farewell David Bowie, an icon for anyone who likes to see post offices in the background of iconic albums

Finland punks collectors to celebrate Eurovision

Which country loves honoring Eurovision entrants on its stamps? Hellooo, Helsinki!

Busy Punk!

Punk has been in the wars lately, just like these fearsome gun-totin' ballerinas

Culturally Revolutionary Stamp of the Day

This ballet stamp is just stunning. The colours emit a classic Asian 70s vibe. And the composition - her right leg is almost parallel to her rifle. Wait, what?

Thank You Stamp of the Day

Punk Philatelist makes WordPress's Freshly Pressed page!

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