Stamps Aren’t Cool Episode 1: Let’s post this!

All right, the teaser seem to have successfully landed on Apple, Google, Spotify, Amazon, iHeartRadio, ListenNotes, and our home base at ACast, so we have a squad. Series 1 of my new podcast Stamps Aren’t Cool is GO!

Normally, this post would contain the various stamps and other stuff that we might be talking about on the episode. But because it’s Episode 1, it’s really just Celeste and me introducing ourselves and contemplating how we came to be here. If you didn’t read my previous post, Celeste is the non-collector co-host of the podcast. She also happens to be my wife, and is therefore very good at telling me when to put a sock in it to avoid embarrassing both of us at parties.

We have recorded four episodes ahead of launching the podcast. This episode happens to include one of my early favourite moments, in which Celeste revealed her true thoughts about how many listeners and viewers she thought we might get. That moment didn’t make our trailer video. Well, there was one subtle reference to it, but you would have to watch Episode 1 and look very closely to have spotted the Easter egg in the trailer.

We’d love to hear your feedback! You can add comments here at the blog, or at the YouTube link below, or via any of my social media pages at Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

I hope you enjoy listening or viewing!

Click here to listen to the podcast.
Click ‘About’ and scroll to the bottom to find us at a bunch of podcast providers.
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To subscribe to the Stamps Aren’t Cool YouTube channel, click here.
And you can watch Episode 1 below!

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