I didn't plan to feature this stamp when it came out. But I've come to love one particular design element. It's probably not the one you think...

Choo the fat with ‘Mainline Railway Stamps’

Colourful, readable and full of surprises, Howard Piltz's latest book about trains on stamps avoids the potential pitfalls you might expect from a book about trains on stamps

It’s getting steamy in here

A new railroad issue has Punk steamed up, while another recent release is totally off the wall

Cold War propaganda stamp of the day

What makes this Cold War childhood favourite so dynamic? The answer lies in one simple design feature

Pedal to the metal

Australia's Bicycles issue is so pretty, it could almost be British. This article features the most obscure joke on the internet.

Happy (not quite) Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day stamps would be commercial and crass. But luckily, Australia Post releases love-themed stamps just weeks BEFORE Valentine’s Day. What are the odds?

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