African stamps: the hairdos and the tortoise

A shock discovery sends Punk down memory lane to a world of matinee icons and Japanese railroads. Somehow it ends up with Bowie and a tortoise. It will make sense when you read it.

Come, sail your ships around me

It's New Issue Day down under and this time around, Australia Post is giving me the absolute ships. Let's be frank, ships are a cliché on stamps. Any country with a coastline probably has good historical reasons to bung sailing ships on their stamps. Ships are also a popular thematic collecting area, because Old Men,... Continue Reading →

What’s long, sticky, and displays a large pair of balls?

Here's a late-night quickie for you. As I was researching a fabulous forthcoming entry, I stumbled across this USPS release from last month and was so knocked out by the design, I had to share it with you at once. Wilt Chamberlin is the first (!) NBA star to be featured on a US postage... Continue Reading →

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