Punk regenerates, with big shoes to fill

So, um… hi…

Just a follow-up to the previous post, you know, that one where the founder of the website up and left.

I’m Gerard. I’ll be your Punk for the foreseeable future, and as she mentioned in her farewell speech, I’ve been a bit of Punk in the past. I’ll aim to be as surprising and entertaining as she was, but hey… let’s not count our chickens.

But don’t despair. Punk the First has left me with a bunch of half- or almost-written blog posts. So as they get polished up and published, you’ll never really know which Punk wrote them. My advice would be not to spend too much time worrying about it. You know who never enjoys Batman films? The people who get hung up on who’s under the mask. Such tedious company at dinner parties. That said, if anyone finds themselves in a dinner party argument over this blog, I’ll be delighted.

I should mention that if you’re the kind of regular who had an established cyber-friendship with Punk on this website or any of the social channels, you can play it any way you like: awkwardly sound me out while you decide if we like each other, or just carry on the conversation like she never left. It’ll work either way.

Thanks again for your support in the past, and I hope you can bring yourself to keep reading as we all adjust to this crazy new world where Punk is apparently some kind of regenerating philatelic Dr Who-type character.

Philippines 2002 Marikina Shoe Capital

I have big shoes to fill. And apparently shoes don’t come any bigger than in the Philippines. I mean, look at the size of that thing! It’s half as big as a house! I just don’t get how they could possibly have lost the other one. The things you learn from collecting stamps. Isn’t the world amazing?

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