Jammin’ and jammin’ and jammin’, jam on

Clearly the ‘vintage commercial design’ thing must be making big bucks for Australia Post, because AP have gone back to the well, or in this case, the jam tin, once more. I’m not judging. I’ve made my love of the retro vein pretty clear in the past.

About a month ago (when I was a tad too busy to blog about it), Aussie Post released this lovely set featuring jam labels from ye olden days, depicting a diversity in development, location and the companies involved.

What arrests my attention in this set is the bold use of perspective. Those jam tins sit right fat in the viewer’s face, threatening to burst off the stamp and cover us in their delicious, fruity goodness. It’s a fantastic way to pay tribute to the colour and vibrancy of the original designers’ work.

Australia 2018 Vintage Jam Labels $1 Peacock's stamp

What’s your favourite? For mine, it’d a close-run thing between the Melray and the Peacock’s. I’d probably have to go with the Peacock’s, partly because I love apricot jam, but mainly because “Peacock’s”. For more details on the specifics of each label, you can hit up the Australia Post Collectables website.

Given recent form,  I can only assume Aussie Post is going to keep churning out vintage designs on its stamps. What do you reckon will be next? My money is on biscuit tins.

Now if you don’t mind, I’m off to the kitchen. For some reason I have a massive craving for toast.

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© Philatelic product images remain the copyright of issuing postal administrations and successor authorities

8 thoughts on “Jammin’ and jammin’ and jammin’, jam on

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  1. That’s why I like to collect postage stamps – because of the opportunity to see the past into the present, and the present into the past. I like the vintage stamps (and I believe the Aussie Post really knows to design them), and if I must to choose one of these 4, I would choose the most minimalist – the dark plum’s one.

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  2. I love retro designs like this one. I have a few model trains that were designed using labels of the past as well.
    I also think I see some Andy Warhol influence in these.
    Just a question about Australian stamps. Do they come with peel and stick adhesives or do they need to be moistened?

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    1. Some issues are released in both varieties, some are one or the other. Peel’n’stick stamps sell in vastly greater numbers, (because of course humans never stop to think about how long it takes for plastinated backing paper to break down in the environment). I’m pretty sure gummed stamps are mainly released to double Australia Post’s takings from collectors who want one of everything. Personally, I insist on buying gummed stamps, and the postal staff are always confused when I do…

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      1. I was talking to a dealer at a stamp show yesterday and he had to give up carrying some countries because he couldn’t afford the time it took to prepare the stamps for sale.

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  3. When Andy Warhol pioneered this type of art, he did it to unify different people in their common day in/day out experience. Adding a retro vibe to it may take away from that.

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  4. So I nominated you for a blogger award–the post will be up shortly. I will understand if you don’t follow through with it, but happy if you do. At the very least, I hope a few of my readers check out your blog.

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    1. Thank you so much Anthony! And sorry it’s taken me a while to reply. I’ve always enjoyed poking through your blog too. It’s true the blogger award isn’t really something I’d do (at least not at this stage) but I know of a way I can big up your blog on mine, and return some love (because I am that easily bribed). Stay tuned!

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